add class to element for more effect , in this sample , all bp-patch-wait-* buttons will Sleep(800)

Click Count : 0

bp-patch-wait-one prevent one elements @onclick fired again until previous event processed synchronizely
bp-patch-wait-all prevent all other bp-patch-wait-* elements until this element event processed synchronizely
bp-patch-wait-mask Show a mask until this element event processed synchronizely
bp-patch-ripple Add a ripple effect to the button
bp-patch-ripple Set ripple color
bp-patch-ripple Custom ripple 1
bp-patch-ripple Custom ripple 2
bp-patch-ripple Custom ripple 3

There's no more docs for this feature yet .
Check the function GetWaitingMaskHTML() in _Host.cshtml
Check the js object BlazorPlus_Options for the ripple default options.

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